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ineo 25e

Genel Özellikler
Convenient user interface and functional design
Ease of use and greater productivity
Efficient performance in essential office functions
Versatile standard functions
Copy and print up to 25 ppm A4 in black & white
Scan up to max. 40 opm in black & white and max. 27 opm in colour
Fax with Super-G3-Faxoption for fast transmission and digital reception, Broadcast, polling, time shift, fax forwarding, receipt to memory, duplex reception
Standard: Embedded GDI and PCL controller with 366 MHz
Optional: PostScript3 controller
Standard: 600 sheets, max. 2,100 sheets
Up to 3 x 500-sheet universal cassette (A5-A4, 60-90 g/m²)
100-sheet bypass (A6-A4, 60-160 g/m²) for standard paper, envelopes, OHP etc.
electronic sorting
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